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Walk the Line - Chapter 45

The imp jigged around the floor doing the ‘Whoomp!! There it is!’ dance.

He reached out a hand, first taking off her iPod and the earbuds, placing them on the machine, then taking her headband off, before making short work of her ponytail as well. Her hair swung out in a cascade of black silk. He breathed in her perfume, D&G from last night, he figured, moving a little closer to her. She didn’t back away, just kept her eyes on his lips, before looking into his, her breathing getting irregular. He dropped the bands, before spearing his fingers through her hair and bringing her close, feeling the dampness of her sweat. Her eyes got rounder as he waited, his lips hovering over hers, their breaths mingling. She licked her lips, his eyes crinkled, narrowed, waiting. She leaned in, just a little, her lips resting against his, softly rubbing them with hers, before pulling his lower lip into her mouth and sucking it. He let her set the pace, putting his other hand on her waist and bringing her in closer still, till skin touched skin. He sighed with pleasure as he felt her hands slide up his chest and settle on his collar bones, feeling the little hollows there, moving to the hard column of his neck, while her lips still sucked from his, her tongue licking their taste every now and then.

She sighed, her breasts felt heavier as they flattened against his chest. The hardened nipples imprinting themselves on his skin. Her fingers roamed up to his Adam’s apple, stroking it, making him moan deep in his throat. She felt in her chest, that vibration, making her gasp in pleasure, her mouth opening on his. Her tongue flicked out, tracing the line of his lips, begging to be let into his mouth. He opened up, her tongue sliding in, sliding along his tongue, rolling with it, coiling with it. His hands wandered on her bare back, sliding down her sweat soaked skin, fingertips reaching and finding their way inside her waistband. His big hands cupped her butt, pulling her in, letting her feel how much she affected him. She smiled into his mouth, before leaving it behind. He protested slightly, a soft ‘umm..’, she licked the corner of his mouth, loving the rough feel of his stubble against her tongue, tasting the sweat on his skin, trailing fire along his jaw till she came to his ears. Her hands trailed on his shoulders, feeling the muscles bunch as she dug her nails into them, scoring them, marking him. He smiled against her shoulder, finding the little mole on her neck, sucking it, one hand coming around and finally closing around her breast. He felt her inhale deeply, as her tongue dipped into the hollow behind his ear.

He pulled back at that. She looked at him with dazed eyes. Without a word, he walked across to the door and locked it, before coming back to her. One arm went under her thighs, another behind her back, his fingers splayed against the side of her breast, swooping her up, and walking over to the Bowflex bench, his heavy-lidded eyes never leaving her face. She looped her arms around his neck, her head tucked into his shoulder, with the most dazzling smile on her face. He could feel her heart beating erratically underneath his fingers, like a wild bird in a cage. She heard the thunderous roar of his in her ears and rejoiced in it.

He sat her down on the bench, his eyes taking the flush of color rising from her chest to her cheekbones, loving that he could arouse her so much, wanting to watch her fly off, as wantonly as she had before. Her eyes had darkened, rounded. Straddling the bench, he sat down, turning her around so she straddled the bench too, her legs over his big corded thighs. He ran the flat of his palms along her back, hooking into the bottom of her bra, and pulling it up. She raised her hands allowing him to take the scrap of cloth off. He dropped it, he breath catching in his throat as gazed at her perfect breasts, glowing in the sunlight streaming in the windows. Almost reverently, he touched her nipples with his fingers, observing with something close to amazement as they puckered up, offering themselves to him like grapes on a vine. She arched her back, her hands resting behind her, pushing her breasts into his fingers, biting her lips as she watched him from under heavy lids. She looked down at herself as he gently closed a hand around her left breast, the dark of his skin, against the paleness of hers, there was something extremely erotic about it. She gasped as he lifted the weight of it, before bowing down, placing his lips on them, sucking it into her mouth. A throaty cry escaped her lips, ‘Arnav’, her eyes closed. He closed his eyes, tasting her, sucking her, rolling the nipple in his mouth, feeding from it, slaking his thirst on it. Her hands came around, clutching his hair as he moved to her other breast, giving it the same ministration, sucking just above the aureole, unknowingly leaving a hickey in his wake. He leant over her, gently laying her down on the narrow bench, his hands drifting to her stomach, his fingers all over her skin, rubbing in little circles, till he reached her navel. His mouth drifted along her body, dropping kisses on her breast bone, tonguing his way down, lapping at her skin. He raised his head and looked at her navel, closing his eyes as he bent to worship that tiny indent with his tongue. His fingers roamed lower, feathering across her abdomen, feeling every light shudder that rippled across her skin. She jumped when he hooked his fingers in her tights.

‘I want to ... ‘ he whispered against her skin, ‘I need to ... ‘

She raised her head and looked at him as he gazed down at the skin he slowly revealed. The tiny curly hairs hiding her from him. He raised her back with one hand as he lowered her tights and her panties. His mouth felt parched, like he needed a drink of water. His heart was pounding so fast, he thought he would choke. He needed that wetness, he thought, diving in. His tongue seeking and finding the nectar he needed.

She gasped as she felt his tongue sliding onto her slick wetness, find her center. Her back arched as she felt him suck her nub into his mouth, rolling over it, biting into it. She held his head, wanting to push him away, and not wanting him to stop, her hips pushing into his mouth. He smiled as he smelt the musky sweetness of her mixed in with D&G - here too! His fingers found her core, hot and wet and throbbing for him. He slid one finger in and she said, ‘NO!’ gasping and sitting up!

He raised his head, eyes narrowing in puzzlement. ‘What?’ withdrawing his finger as well.

She was breathing heavily, her gorgeous boobs drawing him in. She looked at him distraught. Catching the look on her face he quickly wrapped her in his arms.

‘What is it?’ he asked softly, leaning his forehead against hers.

‘The last time,’ she said pulling back a little and looking anywhere but into his eyes. She cleared her throat and began again, ‘the last time, you didn’t, I mean ... you ... we .. you didn’t let me .. and I wanted to ... ‘

He looked into her innocent face - how was she so innocent about these things? he wondered - she’d lived in the US for so long, but then ... the light came on.

The imp did a face palm.

‘Was that ,,, the first time .. you came?’ he asked carefully, for some reason holding his breath for her answer. She flushed a brighter pink, if that were possible, looked away and nodded her head quickly.

Yes! He exhaled in relief. The imp did a fist pump.

He laughed softly, pure male pride rushing through him, hugging her to him. ‘It’s okay,’ he raised her chin with a hand and lifted her face. She was pouting. He couldn’t resist it. He had to kiss her again. He didn’t know if there was anything more in the world he wanted to do, than to keep kissing that adorable mouth.

The kiss deepened, their tongues beginning their familiar duel. Her hands fluttered down his chest, seeking and finding his nipples. He hadn’t realized how sensitive they were, jumping as her nails scratched lightly across them. She didn’t stop there. Her hand fluttered in-between them, inside his boxers, finding him, hard and waiting for her. Her little hand closed around his shaft and an ‘uff!’ came out of his mouth as he felt a thousand nerves jump at her touch. He clamped his hand hard around her wrist, stilling her hand. He pulled back, pulling her hand up, and kissing the palm. 

‘Not here,’ he kept hold of her hand, breathing hard. ‘Let’s get you dressed,’ he said, before pulling her up and helping her with her tights. She put on her clothes, including her warmups, wondering why she felt so bereft and unsatisfied and out-of-sorts. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, dropping a gentle kiss between her shoulder and her neck. ‘I don’t want our first time to be in a gym,’ he said. She spun around in his arms, eyes wide open, mouth in the same adorable ‘O’. He smiled and tucked an errant lock of hair behind her ears. ‘Not the first time,’ he repeated. ‘Now I need to go take a shower,’ before he kissed that adorable ‘O’ like he’d wanted to from the very first day.

She watched him walk towards the en suite shower, biting her lips and wondering what the hell he meant by that. She picked up her iPod and earphones and the discarded head bands, and was walking towards the door, when he stuck his head out of the bathroom.

‘Khushi!’ She turned around. ‘Keep Friday free,’ he said, before disappearing into the bathroom, smirking to himself.


Since the Guptas were coming to lunch that day, both Arnav and Khushi decided to work from home, retreating to the study after breakfast. Although it was hard working in proximity, when scenes from the morning kept cropping up in their minds at the most inopportune moments. The lightest brush of a hand, the meeting of eyes, and just plain awareness of each other, was playing havoc with their work.

He sat back and watched as she worked on her laptop, her tongue dancing across her upper lip as she focused on something.

‘Khushi!’ he groaned. She looked up at him, startled to see the naked desire in his eyes. He shook his head at her, before focusing back on his work.

Lunchtime couldn’t come soon enough. They went down, not hand-in-hand, but close enough so their bodies lightly brushed against each other, each of their senses tuned in to the other. Lunch was once more being served on the poolside patio. They sat around the scattered tables in little groups, chatting and laughing and talking. Jamie and NK had already returned to the US the previous night - since they didn’t have much leave.

For Shashi and Anna it was bittersweet. They were overjoyed to see how well Payal had blended in with her in-laws and more importantly, how much her husband adored her. He didn’t seem to able to keep away from her. However, Saturday was looming that much closer. They would be going home, taking one daughter back with them, but leaving the other behind. They’d missed Khushi the month she had been here, since she had lived at home. Payal, at least because she’d already moved out, they wouldn’t feel like she wasn’t there. They would still miss her badly, in any case.

Although they did wonder how long Khushi would be in the States. It wasn’t like they were the only two who seemed to realize that the older Singh Raizada brother was paying a lot of attention and keeping tabs on the younger Gupta sister.

With the sun getting warmer, they all headed indoors, Nani motioning to Anna to follow her. Arnav came up to Shashi and said, ‘Can you please join me in the study?’ Shashi nodded and followed the younger man upstairs.

Arnav offered him a chair and a drink, before sitting down himself.

‘Mr. Gupta, I just wanted to inform you. The police have been involved in Khushi’s case for a while. That’s why you saw such tight security at Akash’s wedding. The good news is that they have identified who Rani Sahiba is.’

Shashi caught his breath, ‘who?’

‘Unfortunately, they won’t tell me,’ he said. Probably because I’d beat that witch into pulp, he thought with vicious glee.

‘What about Shyam?’

‘They’ve been keeping tabs on him, and my understanding is that they’ve got some very good leads,’ he said, keeping in mind yesterday’s little incident, but not revealing what he knew.

The older man nodded.

‘Please understand, sir, I only wanted Khushi to stay here, where I can guarantee her safety. But she has a mind of her own!’ he smiled wryly.

Shashi laughed at that. ‘You’ve found that out already.’

Ruefully, Arnav shook his head. ‘Yes, I have. But she doesn’t do anything if I ask her not to. The rest of the family, except Akash and maybe Payal know nothing about this. I’d rather not disclose this to them.’

‘I understand, and you have our gratitude for life, my boy,’ said Shashi.

‘No need to thank me, sir,’ he said brusquely. ‘I only did it because... ‘ he paused, for once words failing him. ‘Because we are now family,’ he finished lamely.

Shashi didn’t miss a beat. He’d heard the pause and seen the face, and since young Raizada wasn’t about to say this himself, he couldn’t help throwing a little salt on the wound. He nodded and said, ‘I understand. As soon as she goes back to the States, we have to start looking for a good groom for her,’ looking at the ground, but fully aware of the sharp jerk with which Arnav turned around. He hid the smile on his face and continued as soberly as he could, ‘I think that will be best for her. This Shyam and Rani Sahiba would leave her alone, then.’

Arnav turned away, swallowing the bitter bile rising in the back of his throat at the thought. A vein beat at his temples. The mere idea of Khushi, HIS Khushi belonging to someone else, was ... his fists clenched, he closed his eyes, willing the anger to go away.

But she isn’t yours, said the imp, cackling gleefully.

She’s MINE! he roared.

‘Shashi?’ Anna had come looking for him, surprised to see him with Arnav, who seemed to be very ... tensed. ‘Is everything alright?’

‘Yes, my love,’ he answered, ‘everything is good.’ He stood up, shaking hands with Arnav. ‘Thank you, my boy.’

Arnav just nodded. He was in a foul mood. Dammit! Married to someone else?! Really?!! Would Khushi do that - just marry the guy of her parents’ choice? Not if he could help it, hell no!


3 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The raids on Rani Sahiba’s six warehouse like properties had gone like clockwork - without a hitch. It was a perfect occasion for Delhi police to garner some brownie points with the junta. Each of the raids had been timed to exactitude and they had rounded up around thirty girls from two different locations. In addition, they’d pulled in the night watch-men, the caretakers - in other words, any and everybody connected to those all the sites. Except Rani Sahiba, but then this wasn’t about her, or Shyam. This was about isolating them both first before picking them up.

It was 6 a.m. before Ratan called his team together - exhausted but happy. ‘Good Job, guys. Just go home, get some sleep. We’ll get together in the morning, when we’re a little fresher.’

Bhardwaj came into the war room, and congratulated them as well. For now, everybody picked up in the raid was locked away. They could all go to sleep a little easier.

It was about eleven in the afternoon, and Luke sat in his cube, reading through his notes from the previous night, as well as the interrogation of Rocky and Mannu when something stood out for him. He walked into Ratan’s cube, holding the interrogation file.

‘Ratan, we missed something.’ he said.

The latter looked up in surprised. ‘What?’

‘The cell phone. They called Shyam’s cell. I can put a trace on it. We can pick him up.’

He broke into a slow smile and said, ‘go for it.’


Payal, Anjali and Khushi sat at the car, with Mohan at the wheel as it drove through the crowded streets around GK1 N block market. It had been four years for the sisters, and they were eagerly drinking in the sights, although the sounds and smells were kept at bay inside the cool air-conditioned confines of the car. He found a good parking spot and stopped the car. They got out and started walking slowly into the crowd, while he waited with the car.

The purpose of today’s visit was to do some last minute shopping for Khushi before she left on Saturday. She wanted to buy little mementos for her friends. They wandered down the streets, stopping at little shops along the sidewalk, exclaiming over the beautiful hand-crafted figurines, the scarves, bangles and trinkets.

‘Khushi, if we stop at every store, we’ll never finish shopping,’ Payal admonished her.

‘Coming, jiji,’ she said. She had never felt so alive before. The sounds, the colors, the sights, even the smells were waking her up as never before. The fact that Arnav had asked her to keep Friday free had very little to do with this, she convinced herself. What was he planning? A secret smile crept onto her lips as she stopped at one more stall.

Payal and Anjali were standing on the steps leading into the a big shop called Fab India, looking for her, when they spotted her standing at the stall.

‘Khushi, come on!’ called Payal for perhaps the fifth time.

She ran up to them and the three of them went in to the store. An hour later they came out laden with bags.

‘Tell you what,’ Khushi suggested. ‘Why don’t I go put the bags in the car, then we can continue shopping? It’s not too far from here, anyway.’

‘Okay, Khushi,’ agreed Anjali. ‘We’ll be right here waiting for you.’

She took off with bags dangling from both hands, her handbag slung over her shoulder. She walked oblivious to the stares people gave her, mostly because of the little smile that would not go away from her lips. Mohan saw her coming and ran to assist her.

‘Give me the bags, Khushiji,’ he said, taking them from her. She gave him some, and waited while he unlocked the car. The bags went in the trunk.

She thanked him before tripping along into the crowds, pulling out her cellphone as she walked, he turned to watch her go. Such a nice lady, he thought, smiling.

Payal and Anjali stood waiting for her. It had been fifteen minutes since Khushi had gone to drop off the bags. She must be loitering somewhere, some pretty little thing catching her eye. Payal shook her head and said, ‘This Khushi. Some times, she completely looses track of time and place. Do you think we should go back and look for her?’

‘Let’s call her first. See where she’s at,’ Anjali replied. Payal dialed the number. The phone rang and rang and then went to voicemail. She frowned.

‘She’s not picking up her phone.’

Anjali was equally puzzled. She dialed Khushi and the same thing happened.

‘It’s not like her, Anjali,’ Payal was chewing on her lower lip. ‘Let’s go back to the car, and see if we can find her on the way.’

Anjali nodded. The two of them slowly went back to the car, peeping into every little shop on the sidewalk, peering into the bigger stores along the street. Nothing. They finally reached Mohan.

‘Have you seen Khushi?’ Payal was trying to keep the tremble out of her voice. Fear was bubbling up at the back of her throat.

‘She left the bags here and went back to you,’ he was equally puzzled.

‘I’m going back to the store,’ Payal said, walking away, dialing Khushi frantically now. Hitting the redial button every time the phone went to voice mail. ‘Come on, Khushi, pick up the phone,’ she muttered, dialing for the nth time. Suddenly she heard it. Khushi’s phone ringing. She looked around. The phone was sitting on the counter in a store. She ran over to the shopkeeper and said, ‘have you seen the lady whose phone this is?’

‘Yes, madam,’ he nodded. ‘She stopped to see something in the store, I turned around to show her, and when I turned back, I saw her getting into a van with two men.’

Payal was shaking. ‘She’s my sister. I am taking the phone with me,’ she said.

‘How do I know that?’ the shopkeeper was one of those honest kinds.

She quickly scanned through the pics on the phone, one of her and Khushi, and showed it to him. ‘This girl?’ He nodded. ‘My sister,’ she said again, grabbing the phone and running, pushing through the crowds towards where Anjali and Mohan stood.

Tears were streaming down her face, her heart threatening to jump out of her chest, as she heaved to a stop in front of Anjali. The nightmares from four years ago were threatening to darken her eyes. ‘She’s missing, Anjali,’ she said, holding out the phone. ‘She’s been kidnapped.’ She started sobbing in earnest now, ‘Again!’


Arnav was going over his schedule with Aman. It was still early, around 11:30 when the call from Mohan came. He frowned wondering why the driver would call him.


‘Arnav, sir, Khushi madam,’ Mohan was stuttering.

‘What happened? What happened to Khushi?’ his heart began hammering in his chest. He took a deep breath to control it.

‘She’s disappeared, sir.’ the poor driver was quaking with fear of what his master would say to him. Instead he heard a deep in-drawn breath.

‘Where are you?’

‘GK-1 N Block market. Near Fab India.’

‘Wait there,’ he said, already out of his chair. He hung up. ‘Aman, cancel everything today. Emergency.’

Aman nodded, before venturing, ‘Is Khushi okay?’

His boss turned around at the door and said, ‘I don’t know,’ before slamming out of it. He was dialing Ratan as he hurtled out of the office, most of his staff staring at his rushing form.

‘Ratan,’ he sad, when the CBI agent picked up, ‘they’ve got Khushi.

‘What?’ he switched the phone to speaker mode. ‘Talk to me, Mr. Raizada.’ Pat and Luke crowded around him. Since Arnav spoke more English than he did Hindi, it was easier for her to understand the gist of the conversation.

‘She was at GK-1 N Block market with my sister and hers. She vanished from there. I’m on my way there now.’

‘Where in the market?’

‘Near Fab India.’

‘We’ll meet you there,’ he hung up the phone. ‘Luke, get that trace going on Shyam’s cell. NOW! Pat, come with me,’ he said, running out of the room.

They arrived at in front of Fab India almost at the same time that Arnav did. He was on the phone, finding his way to Mohan and the girls. The driver had made them sit in the car, while he guided Arnav and the detectives in.

Arnav opened the door to the back seat where Anjali and Payal were hugging each other in tears. ‘Tell me what happened, Payal,’ he was struggling with his own shaking hands, but he had to be strong. For her sake, he had to stay calm. Payal looked up with tear-drenched eyes and started speaking....


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