Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poem - The Witches Brew (8/16/2012)

Imagine the scene from Macbeth where the three witches stir i
n disgusting ingredients to make a toxic potion...

But what went into 
The Witches Brew?
Sit hither, and I will explain
That what went in, might've been in vain
A will under a cradle was hidden
An abduction that's been left unspoken
A murder stopped by the doctor's hands 
A murder foiled by water in cans 
A voice that has been stilled by ills 
A sister taking mysterious pills 
Texts and Calls and words in air 
The sister with the changing hair 
A baby-bump that we never see 
Is there a baby? tell me, tell me 
A book sits for months upon a table 
Strength Based Selling! ASR, are you able? 
A hermit with a heart of stone 
A snake hiding behind the throne 
Will the snake rear its ugly head? 
Can the king his true love wed? 
Hecate has been summoned, its known 
Why, by whom, when will it be shown? 
The princess is an orphan, is that true? 
Who knows what? and Who is Who? 
A mother has a hidden past that troubles 
All these things in the cauldron bubbles 
The witches stir and stir the pot 
Tell me, tell me, what TRPs it got? 
What will rise and what will sink? 
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  1. A very perceptive poem ,it's sad that the writer forgot their plot by the end ,and made a mess they did not know how to use and broaden the characters in the serial


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