Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Walk the Line: Chapter - 11

Khushi woke up in the early hours of the morning, 3 o’clock by the bedside clock. She looked around the unfamiliar room lit only by a dim night lamp, and slowly woke up. How long had she been asleep? The house was dead quiet and it was dark outside. It was three in the morning?! She’d been asleep for fourteen hours! She frowned, as she vaguely remembered a phone call. Getting out of bed, she picked up her phone. Four missed calls. Arnav! She shook her head. Wide awake now, she figured there was no point in trying to sleep anymore. Looking around the room, she found a small fridge, thankfully stocked with water and juice. She freshened up, took a bottle of water and pulled out her laptop.

There was a guest wireless network that she could jump on. She logged in and started checking her emails. A small popup came on screen. NK was pinging her! She grinned.

‘NK bro, gm’ she typed.

‘Khushi, how r u? Glad u reached safe. How u liking Delhi?’

‘just woke up, lol. It’s 3 in the am’.

‘wt u doing up so early?’

‘couldn’t sleep. Slept for 14 hrs already’.



‘hows everybody?’

‘good. They r so nice 2 me.’

Far away in San Francisco, NK smiled. He was wondering how to phrase the next question when he saw the message from her.

‘got new phone #. .. +91 98…’ she typed in the rest.


‘ya. Asr gave me… ‘ she stopped writing and erased it. ‘ya’.

‘kewl’. He had no doubt who was behind her getting a new phone number.

They chatted for a while and said goodbye/goodnight. She was about to log off when another popup came.

‘wt u doing up so early?’ ASR.

She looked her screen then typed, ‘wt U doin up so early?’

‘don’t need sleep’

Really?! ‘nor me’

‘ya right. U were out like a light!’ he paused. ‘u ok now?’


It wasn’t the first time they had chatted, but this was the first time they had chatted about anything other than impersonal business talk.

‘u shd get some rest’

‘u 2’

‘k’ – she was surprised. ‘g nite’

‘nite’ she typed. Finally shutting down, she got back into bed. The sound of water woke her up a few hours later. Someone was watering the lawn. It was about seven in the morning. She felt refreshed and ready to face the weekend.


  1. great going, njoied the informality coming in the relation

  2. Nice! I like that he pinged her too. I wish she had told NK that she was at Shantivan, both her family and Nks eould have felt better if they knew she was OK , considering Stalker Shyam.


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